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سعر جرام الذهب اليوم بالريال

Zarabiać z domu

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A completely different approach

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The other video

I have already embedded a five-minute video of various random moments from training yesterday. I have a seven-minute video with Gail Drake talking about the LEAMIS mission and message and have uploaded it two different times since 2 this afternoon; both times, it seemed to upload successfully but YouTube would still show the “this video is processing” message hours later. The video is well within YouTube’s posted length and file size limits.

I think I’m going to try one more time — but I won’t delete the second attempt just yet.

Don’t shoot me, Santa

I saw this just this morning on VH1, and loved it, and then Chris Thomas helpfully posted a link to the YouTube at his blog:

When I was in California in February, my brother and I were talking about music in some context, and I mentioned The Killers, and he acted surprised, as if it was remarkable that an old fogey, six years closer to death than he, would even have heard of them, much less enjoy them. But I like The Killers. I don’t own any of their CDs, but I hardly have anybody’s CDs. And I love all of their singles (“singles” being an appropriately old fogey-esque term).