Changing the subject

Each day, Mike McIntee, a writer for “Late Show With David Letterman,” posts “The Wahoo Gazette,” a breezy, sometimes tongue-in-cheek recap of the previous night’s show, on the “Late Show” web site. The recap is broken down by “acts,” or segments, of the program. Everything until the first commercial break is Act One, everything between the first and second breaks is Act Two, and so on. I think this is pretty standard terminology.

I had to laugh when looking at today’s issue, a recap of last night’s show. Here is the recap of Act 2, in its entirety:

ACT 2:
Hey! How ‘bout them Mets?!

Act 2, of course, was when the big (and awkward) announcement happened last night. I don’t guess it lent itself to a funny recap.