Attack? Or Accountability?

A Twitter friend of mine posted a link this morning to pastor / televangelist Ed Young’s response to an investigative story about him by a Dallas TV station. My Twitter friend, a pastor, no doubt empathizes with Young and sees him as the victim of mud-slinging.

That was the first I’d heard of the controversy, so I had to go and look at the original story before I could judge the response. I discovered that a key source for the TV station’s report was Trinity Foundation in Dallas and its irascible founder, Ole Anthony.

I’ve never met Ole Anthony, but I was a contributor for many years to The Wittenburg Door, before and after the religious satire magazine was donated to, and run by, Trinity Foundation. (The magazine is currently in limbo.) So I do have some limited familiarity with Trinity, an eclectic sort of ministry which is involved both in helping the homeless and in being a watchdog of televangelists and their abuses.

The TV report accused Young of flying around on a private jet, living in a mansion and — the critical part, to me — leveraging his success as a pastor into private for-profit ventures.
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Harry Guetzlaff

I have been a long-time subscriber to the Wittenburg Door, and I was a long-time contributor until a few years ago, when I just sort of drifted away. I still may write for them again one of these days, if they’ll have me, but I haven’t been doing so lately, and I have nothing on the table.

Anyway, all that is neither here nor there. I got an mass e-mail today from Robert Darden about someone, who has been one of the key players for the magazine ever since it was transferred to the Trinity Foundation. I don’t think that Bob would mind me quoting from it:

Harry Guetzlaff, The Door’s wonderful managing editor, who I have worked with on a daily basis since Trinity began publishing the magazine, is apparently in his final weeks. He has Stage 4 lung cancer and the most recent MRI found new masses on his brain and spine. He is in great pain and only lucid for a short period each day.

I dealt with Bob more often than I dealt with Harry, but I did deal some with Harry, and he was unfailingly kind, cheerful and upbeat.

The magazine’s staff is so small and Harry was so central to it that the print version of the magazine has been running behind schedule and its future may even be in question. But that’s secondary. Please take a moment to pray for Harry.