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I don’t actually know what CBS has been doing in recent years, but this morning they’re covering “The Thanksgiving Day Parade” – they don’t say “Macy’s” in the opening credits or on-screen graphics, because they’re not the authorized, official network and presumably don’t have the rights to use the Macy’s name. The hosts, however, do mention the parade’s sponsor and history.

Because most NBC stations here in the Central Time Zone air the “Today” show on a one-hour tape delay, the parade also gets delayed by an hour. So right now, “Today” is still going on on the local NBC affiliate, but the CBS parade coverage, which I assume to be live, has already begun. The parade hasn’t actually gotten to the CBS broadcast location. Since they don’t have access to the Broadway cast performances at Herald Square, they’re running things like a clip of a musical number from a Broadway show performed in its actual theater, and a clip of Martina McBride performing at the Hard Rock Cafe. They’re also trying to encourage social media interaction.

I’m having a quiet morning here at home – our family celebration will be a late one today, because we can’t get the family together until evening, and because of Dad’s injury. We’ll go to Cracker Barrel in Murfreesboro for our holiday meal. (Things will be even stranger for me next year; I’ll be in Sierra Leone and will miss Thanksgiving altogether.) Hope you have a great day, whatever your situation.

Happy Thanksgiving (belated)


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This was the day that we could get most of the family together for Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s my father carving the turkey — which was delicious, as it always is. My father, a great cook who’s been cooking since he was a child, does the turkey every year, in spite of the fact that he doesn’t like poultry or fish himself.

I didn’t get home until late. I got a little done on the novel first thing this morning, and a little done tonight, but my brain is fried and I think I’m going to take a holiday from further work on the novel. I’m in good shape and should have plenty of time on Sunday to work on it.

A quiet Thanksgiving

Our big family Thanksgiving meal will not be until Saturday, because that’s when the various components of the family could get together. My boss has been kind enough to give me the day off from my normal Saturday responsibilities.

Today, I went over to my parents’ house and Mom got my grandmother out of the nursing home. We had shepherd’s pie for lunch, with fudge pie a la mode for dessert.

A good day, but a low-key one. Tonight, I’m back to work on the novel, and meanwhile flipping back and forth between three terrific movies: “The Incredibles,” “The Greatest Show on Earth” and “March of the Penguins.”