Tenacious but not swift

A family member of mine who’s a big Sherlock Holmes fan watched the Robert Downey Jr. version recently, and his reaction was that while it was a good movie, and he enjoyed it, it wasn’t Sherlock Holmes, and he wished they’d named the characters something else besides Holmes and Watson.

Similarly, I can’t tell you just from seeing this trailer whether the movie advertised will be good on its own terms. But I can tell you Jonathan Swift is turning over and over and over in his grave.

A much more faithful adaptation was done for TV in the 1990s with Ted Danson and an all-star cast including Peter O’Toole, Alfre Woodard, John Gielgud and Ned Beatty. According to IMDb, it was the first TV or film adaptation to tell all four stories, not just the one about Lilliput.

At least they don’t feature Jim Cramer

I’d seen a number of TV commercials for the comedy “Mad Money,” which stars (according to most of the commercials) Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton. Ted Danson plays a supporting role and can be glimpsed quickly in the mainstream ad.

Well, this afternoon I was watching “Pardon The Interruption” and I saw an ad for the movie. Interestingly, the ESPN ad for the movie doesn’t mention any of the female stars by name — and Ted Danson gets more screen time than any of them!

If I were the type of person who only watched ESPN, and I went to see “Mad Money” as a result of that commercial, and if Ted Danson’s role turns out to be small, I would be incredibly annoyed.