Condiments game

I don’t mind that many fast food places now make you ask for condiments for your to-go orders. I can understand not wanting to waste condiments. If I’m taking my food home, where I have a big bottle of ketchup, there’s no need for me to also have a fistful of ketchup packets. It costs money, and eventually that cost will get passed along in the form of higher prices.

What I mind — what annoys me to no end — is the fact that neither of the Sonic locations in Shelbyville has any idea what its policy is. Sometimes, you have to ask for ketchup; sometimes, they put it in the bag. Sometimes, they have an employee wandering among the drive-in spaces, carrying a tray on a strap around her neck, offering you condiments. You take some, figuring that her very presence means there won’t be any ketchup in your bag when it arrives. And then you get your bag, and it’s full of ketchup packets. So the next time, you turn down the Wandering Ketchup Lady, and of course this time there’s no ketchup in your bag either.

Seriously, Sonic, give us our condiments automatically or make us ask for them; your choice. But make up your mind which one is your policy, and stick to it.

Slow-flowing ketchup

Yesterday, at Hardee’s, I specifically asked for ketchup for my french fries, and they told me they would give me some, but when I got back to the newspaper I discovered they had not.

Today, at Sonic, almost as soon as I pulled in a wandering carhop with a condiment tray asked if I needed anything. I got some ketchup packets from her before I had even placed my order. When placing my order, the attendant asked me if I needed ketchup and I told her I already had some. But when I got back to the newspaper I discovered they had given me some anyway.

It’s kind of like the old glass bottle — you wait and wait for the ketchup to come out, and once it does you get more than you need.