All Creation Sings

I don’t listen to as much Christian music as I ought to – I don’t have a radio in the car and I don’t have a way of keeping up with what’s good, and there’s not much worse than bad Christian music (except for bad country music).

But I listened to quite a bit of it when I was at Christian college, no shocker there.

Tonight, I had DirecTV tuned to the classic rock audio channel, and Kansas’ “Dust In The Wind” came on. To some of you, it may be corny nostalgia, but to me it’s a beautiful and poignant song from my youth, so you darn kids just get off my lawn. Anyway, Kansas made me think of Kerry Livgren, the band’s songwriter, whose conversion a few years after the soul-searching of “Dust” led to a weird band dynamic. Livgren was writing songs with Christian subtexts and metaphors with which the band’s lead singer didn’t feel comfortable. Eventually, Kerry left and went on to other projects. His first such effortOne of his first such efforts for the Christian music industry was an album called “A.D.” (Technically, I think A.D. was supposed to be the name of the band, but for most of us Kerry was the band.) My favorite song off that album was an oh-so-80s rock anthem, “All Creation Sings,” which I happen to have in MP3 form on my computer. I turned off the TV and fired it up.

I love that song.

I can’t embed it – the only YouTube I found of it seems to be broken – but you can listen at this page of Kerry’s site.

I know, I’m a dinosaur.