Under my umbrella

Conan O’Brien’s talk show “Conan” had a Valentine’s Day video contest over the past week or two, the prize of which was that the winning couple would be served a Valentine’s Day dinner on stage during tonight’s show.

It was priceless. The winning couple were escorted to their on-set table by a Hosni Mubarak look-alike. Then Conan announced that Iron Chef Michael Symon would serve their dinner. Sure enough, here comes Symon – carrying a Taco Bell party pack in its original cardboard caddy.

But what’s a Valentine’s dinner without poetry? So William Shatner was brought out to read the couple the lyrics to Rihanna’s song “Umbrella.” Then, after a station break, Jack McBrayer (Kenneth the page from “30 Rock”) came out to tell the happy couple a story about his childhood in Georgia.

Embed problem

If your feed reader tried to direct you to a non-existent post titled “Conan and Julia (and Kenneth the Page),” my apologies. I found a really funny clip and tried to embed it, and the embed code was giving me trouble — one version worked on IE but not on other browsers, the other version worked on everything but IE.

Anyway, the clip — which I saw embedded at another blog — was of a scripted comedy bit between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Conan O’Brien when Julia was a guest on Conan’s show, I assume last night. When Tina Fey won an Emmy for best actress in a comedy, she saluted Julia — one of the other nominees — in her acceptance speech, saying that she sometimes uses Julia as a source of inspiration. Conan and Julia joked about the injustice of Julia losing the Emmy in this fashion, and then Conan tells Julia that “30 Rock” is being taped on another floor there at Rockefeller Center and that Tina Fey has the Emmy in her dressing room.

Julia decides to steal the Emmy. I won’t give the rest of the sketch away; you can find it at Conan’s web site. If they fix the embed code, I may embed it here later.

UPDATE: I now have a link on my Facebook profile.