Tell me you’re coming back soon

All of this ridiculousness about the scheduled rapture got me thinking about two of my favorite songs about the longing for Christ’s actual return.

The first is “Coming Back Soon,” a beautiful little number in which the singer bids his little daughter farewell in order to go out on tour, but promises her he will return.

This is the only video I could find on YouTube; it has Randy before the song, which starts at about the minute mark.

The other one is the strongly Brian Wilson-influenced “Soon!”, written by Terry Scott Taylor and performed by his band Daniel Amos.  I found this video on YouTube, made by a fan. The images which have been selected to accompany the song are kind of, well, cheesy, which is disappointing to me because one of the reasons I like this song is that it doesn’t play to clichés about heaven or the second coming. But this was the only way I could find of getting the music into this post. Click “play” and then minimize your browser until the song is over.