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I can’t wait to see how things go this year.

How will the story turn out?

It’s now about 40 hours or so until I arrive at Camp Cumberland Pines for my Mountain T.O.P. Adults In Ministry week.

I will be participating in Summer Plus, leading a creative writing workshop for teens from remote mountain communities. I’m not sure whether my workshop will be in the morning or the afternoon; whichever it is, in the other half of the day I’ll be assisting in a workshop taught by someone else. (I don’t know what that will be yet.)

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Attention, parents and teachers:

Good advice from an English professor (who happens to be my sister-in-law):

I’ll admit to having more faith in this whole language stuff these days — he will eventually learn to spell [fry] with a “y,” in the meanwhile, if he’s less hung up over spelling and right and wrong, he’s more likely to actually try to write recreationally. If I can get him to like writing first, I can get him to like correct writing later.

This was exactly my approach when I tried (clumsily) to teach creative writing at Mountain T.O.P. Summer Plus.