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I do hope something can be worked out. It’s true that I can watch “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” for free at their respective websites the day after they air. In fact, that’s what I did a few weeks ago when my TV wasn’t working. But we’re currently in the middle of a new season of “Futurama,” and I’m not sure whether that’s online anywhere for free.

What–me worry?

“Mad” on Cartoon Network is not to be confused with “MadTV,” the sketch comedy show which used to air on the Fox network and was then rerun ad infinitum on Comedy Central. Both were supposedly inspired by Mad magazine, but  “MadTV”’s only real connection to the magazine was that Alfred E. Neuman appeared in its opening credits for the first few years. (When the show first went on the air, there were also some interstitial “Spy Vs. Spy” cartoons.)

Cartoon Network’s “Mad” is aimed at older kids but certainly enjoyable for adults with a goofy sense of humor. (I’m not the only adult I know who watches it.) It’s much closer in spirit and style to the magazine, and even has some of its animation in the style of “Mad” legends like Don Martin. Yes, there are also “Spy Vs. Spy” cartoons. The show is an animated sketch comedy, sort of “Robot Chicken” for tweens. It’s mostly cel animation, or JibJab-style manipulation of celebrity faces, but has other types of animation mixed in.

Tonight’s second season premiere, by way of example, included a skit of “Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine,” in which a JibJabbed Denzel Washington must try to stop a CGI Thomas, who has been turbocharged by Sir Topham Hatt but whose new brakes aren’t scheduled to arrive for another week. (Sadly, in a cameo appearance, Lightning McQueen and Mater stop in a railroad crossing to exchange pleasantries. The result isn’t pretty.)