Action Jack

“Casablanca” is one of my favorite movies, a movie which I can watch again and again. I own a copy, and yet I’ll stop and watch it if I find it on TCM.

But I found out about something tonight I’d never heard before.

If you have the movie on DVD, watch the first seven minutes. When you see Sam (Dooley Wilson), the piano player, for the first time, let the camera zoom in a little and pause the DVD. Look just to the left (your left) of Sam, and you’ll see a patron of Rick’s sitting at a table. Who is it? I found out from this blog post by Mark Evanier, which cites this blog post, which cites this “Movie Answer Man” column by Roger Ebert.

The man sitting in Rick’s … is Jack Benny.

UPDATE: … or not. Evanier, after looking at closeups, doesn’t think it’s him.