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  • Negative Thinking Rally
  • Obesity Training. ORU, as part of its concept of the “whole man,” required students to take a phys ed course each semester, to be tested for body fat and pass an aerobic field test.
  • The Seminar Guests. Twice a year, over a holiday weekend when some of the students from close to Tulsa would go home, ORU would have weekend events at which high school students would stay in the dorms, and presumably be sold on the benefits of an ORU education.
  • Return of the Seminargeist. This was a sequel to the previous spot, but with references to the then-current movie “Poltergeist.”
  • In Search of the Mystery Meat. I guess it’s universal for college students to complain about cafeteria food. Food Service at ORU was provided by a company called Saga Food Services, and the joke on campus was that “Saga” was an acronym for Soviet Attempt to Gag America.
  • Revenge of the DAIRS. DAIRS, which originally stood for Dial Access Information Retrieval System, was a system of pre-recorded, closed-circuit TV lectures or documentaries which could be accessed from dorm rooms (or the library, if for some reason both you and your roommate lacked a TV set). The biggest use of the system while I was at ORU was for the Francis Schaeffer documentary series “How Shall We Then Live?”, a required part of ORU’s humanities curriculum, and for a religion class which the university’s founder and namesake had taught years earlier. The name DAIRS was actually a carryover from an earlier, audio-based system.
  • Underwater Basket Weaving. “Lake Evelyn,” named for Oral Roberts’ wife, was a pond on campus. Swimming or jumping into the pond was an automatic $50 fine.
  • What the Devil’s Wrong With Easy Listening Music?. At the time, some lecturers had just visited Tulsa with some of that claptrap about backward masking and subliminal messages in rock and roll music. It infuriated me.
  • Fail Safe Pills
  • Dirty Harry in ‘Whole Man Force’
  • Z.T. The Zimmer-Terrestrial

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