My first customer اسهم البنك المركزي للكويت اسعار شراء الذهب اليوم في السعودية

Soapstone للتجارة الذهب كيف تتداول في سوق الاسهم العالميه

‘We just lived’ Giełda Papierów Wartościowych Jak zacząć

Meanwhile, in the realm of the printed page, I ended up finding a couple of more typos and ordering (grumble, grumble) a third proof of my novel. Any time you change your interior or cover files, you are required to order a proof copy of the new files. You’re supposed to wait for the proof to arrive, look at it, and then approve that version of the novel for sale.

But now that it’s all been fixed, knock on wood, I believe I’m going to go ahead and activate my e-store (using the third, and presumably correct, version of the files) once my second proof arrives and I get a look at it, which will happen Monday. I won’t wait until later in the week when the third proof arrives, because by that time I’ll be busy re-installing Windows with the replacement CD that Dell is sending me.

It will take a week or two after the e-store is activated for the book to show up on Amazon.

Proof update

The new proof of the novel is scheduled to arrive on Monday. If it’s OK, I can go live with the e-store immediately. (Technically, I could go ahead and click the button now, but from the CreateSpace message boards I have seen that it’s better to wait for the proof, in case there’s been some sort of technical glitch.)

A co-worker is currently reading my first proof. I’m anxious to hear her thoughts. I had trouble getting feedback (not from this person; I don’t believe I said anything to her about it) back when this was a manuscript.

The proof is in the proof

Well, my proof came today. Unfortunately, I immediately found several typos — some text where I missed converting underline to italics, and a weird font error in one of my chapter headings. So I needed to upload a new interior file. I will have to wait until it is approved and then order a new proof copy (at my own expense, this time) before approving the novel for distribution.

But still, it’s exciting to hold the thing. Holding the book in my hands, flipping through the pages, I started to get excited. I had my co-worker Sadie take my photo holding the thing. Several of my co-workers want to read it now. I had planned to do a sort of “soft opening” — marketing the book through the web site to see what the reaction is before making much of a splash with it among my in-person friends and family. I should just get over this and celebrate the book.