Culinary genius

A month or two ago, I made some preserved lemons and added some peppercorns to them. The peppercorns were a good choice, and I’ll definitely use them the next time.

I’ve now eaten all of the lemon peels, which is the only part of a preserved lemon you eat. What I had left over in the Mason jar was the pulp (the part of a citrus fruit you would normally eat, but in this case, much too salty), with the lemon juice (which becomes a little thicker than normal juice, I assume because of starch leached out of the peel) and the peppercorns.

Inspiration hit me.

I pureed the mixture in a food processor, and then dehydrated it yesterday afternoon and overnight on one of the plastic sheets one uses for fruit roll-ups. Today, I took the dried pulp, with all those peppercorns lodged in it, and put it in a blender. I put it on the highest setting until it was a fine powder.

I now have lemon pepper seasoning.

Homemade lemon pepper seasoning.

Good homemade lemon pepper seasoning.

There’s not a lot of it, but it’s a nice little dividend anyway.