For years, I wanted a home carbonator like a SodaStream. When I gave up diet sodas this spring, I figured there was no use in me getting one – I do allow myself sugar sodas from time to time, but I try not to make a habit of it. (I probably overdid it during my Mountain T.O.P. week.) I have a friend who received one from her husband in a situation which, to hear her tell it, was not unlike the time that Homer Simpson gave Marge a bowling ball which already had “HOMER” inscribed on it. I suspect SodaStream is a guy thing, a gadget thing, and that’s probably why I’ve been attracted to it.

Yesterday, I had the strangest craving for a plain sparkling water or soda water. I eventually found one (actually, I bought two).

This morning, I ran across this story on the NPR site; the home carbonators are apparently doing very, very well. Maybe I’ll still get one one of these days; I could use it for soda water some of the time and occasionally for a real soda (or even a fruit juice-based soda).