A busy couple of weeks

OK, here’s the schedule.

I started work on a sermon today. This week (which should also be relatively busy at work) I’ve got to finish the sermon and make some final preparations for Mountain T.O.P. Adults In Ministry (AIM). On Sunday, as a lay speaker, I will load up my car, preach the sermon at Mt. Lebanon UMC at 9:30, then at Cannon UMC at 11, then I will head immediately for Altamont, arriving (with permission) a little late for AIM. I’ll miss orientation but should make it in time for opening worship.

I’ll return from Mountain T.O.P. on Saturday the 29th. On the morning of Sunday the 30th, I’ll preach pretty much the same sermon from the week before at my home church, First UMC Shelbyville. Then, that afternoon, I’ll go to First UMC Tullahoma for a big lay servant event, titled “Fan The Flame,” where I’ll be one of several people giving five-minute messages. That one is already written, and has been for several weeks, but I’ll have to tweak it at some point between now and then to tie in better with the two messages that will precede it. 

Fortunately, neither Rev. Doug Dezotell from Mt. Lebanon and Cannon nor Rev. Lloyd Doyle from my home church minds me straying from the Lectionary this once (in fact, it was Rev. Doyle’s idea that I use the same sermon from the week before, since I won’t have any time for sermon-writin’ on the mountain).

Because my AIM trip was such a last-minute, hastily-arranged affair, I still won’t know exactly what I’m doing in Summer Plus until I hear from the staff. Last week, I was trying to upgrade my old second-hand, rarely-used laptop to the latest version of the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system so that I could take it to camp and use it for e-mail and to type up our group project in creative writing class (assuming that I’ll be teaching creative writing, and I don’t know for sure yet). But something about (or coincidental to) the Ubuntu upgrade has wrecked the laptop’s networking capabilities. It won’t recognize its old PCM-CIA wireless card, and it won’t even recognize being plugged in by Ethernet cable. I can still use it for the creative writing project, but I’ll have to check my e-mail by phone for the week.

Andy Burroughs attended the AIM week which ended yesterday, and he’s posted photos and videos, which only make me that much more anxious to get back to the mountain. In some ways, I feel more alive sitting in Friends Cabin (in the lobby or on the back porch) than anywhere else on the planet. It looks strange in Andy’s photos to see Friends Cabin’s Tyvek-wrapped doppelganger sitting right next door.

By the way, AIM is still in need of home repair volunteers. If you can arrange to go away next week on short notice – or if you want the dates of another AIM week later in the summer – click the link above or give me a call.