A surprise late entry

I was still recovering on Sunday from the Relay For Life, but I was also feeling an emotional letdown. I’d been looking forward to the symphony concert and the Relay For Life – two of my passions, both of which take place in the same month – and now, they were both over for another year, and it was back to the routine. I have the Sierra Leone trip in November, of course, which will be here before I know it, but I had nothing right now to anticipate.

Then, today, I got an e-mail. For reasons I won’t go into here, I thought I wouldn’t get to attend any of Mountain T.O.P.’s Adults In Ministry events this summer. But what I’ve learned in two decades of short-term missions is that if God wants you on a trip, God will put you on that trip. An obstacle got moved today, by God – and the wonderful staff at Mountain T.O.P.

So now, on short notice, I’ll be attending the late-June AIM week at Camp Cumberland Pines. It won’t be the shortest notice on record; I recall one occasion when a friend of the ministry who lived within driving distance of camp was, on a Sunday morning, talked into attending an AIM event which began on a Sunday afternoon.

Mountain T.O.P. is in serious need of AIM volunteers – the ministry received some generous grant funds this year and is working on a number of projects, but they won’t happen without warm bodies. If I can make this trip on short notice, why can’t you? Maybe God is calling you to make the drive up the mountain with me (or to one of the other scheduled events).

I am delighted that the camp week I’ll be attending has some dear friends already signed up – Jan Schilling among them. I will be among friends, in one of my favorite places on the planet, doing the Summer Plus program which first attracted me to Mountain T.O.P. in 1993.

Here, if you’re interested, is a page with links to some of my previous ramblings about the AIM program.