Keep at it

Because schools were closed last Monday for Presidents’ Day, it’s been two weeks since I was at Learning Way Elementary. Regan Aymett told me today that on the first day of school last week, she was looking at the clock wondering why I hadn’t shown up yet before realizing that it was Tuesday.

In Ms. Aymett’s class, I played word bingo with a small group. The kids had cards with eight squares, each containing a simple, one-syllable word. I drew the words and called them out and the kids tried to fill up all eight squares on their card. It was fun, although the kids got more rambunctious as time went on. I don’t have all of the tools in my toolkit that a trained educator does. It’s hard to find just the right tone sometimes, and as an amateur I obviously needed to err on the side of calm, and I had the teacher a few yards away in case of any really serious disruption. All in all, I think I did OK.

The second half hour, in Jennifer Hester’s class, a small group took turns reading to me. There was one young man who obviously struggled – but whose hand shot up like a rocket every time I asked for a new volunteer. I liked that. He didn’t get discouraged; he just kept at it. A good role model for anyone.