Prints weren’t charming

Well, I had to spend $40 today on a new all-in-one printer, $40 I didn’t really want to spend. But I had to have the printer, if for no other reason than to print out Sunday’s sermon. I got the cheapest AiO they had. They sold one straight printer (an HP, without the scanner and therefore not an AiO) for $30, but I figured that would be penny-wise and pound foolish. For that matter, the printer itself may be penny wise and pound foolish – it’s a Canon, and I think the cartridges may be more expensive than the old Kodak. Canon is one of the brands Walgreens won’t refill, and even LD Products (on which I’d just started relying for generic cartridges to fit the Kodak) sells a refill kit, and OEM cartridges, but no generic cartridges.