The swashbuckler

Another great morning at Learning Way Elementary School. In Regan Aymett’s class, I read “Olivia Saves The Circus” to a small group — a particularly high-energy small group. I loved the book, both the illustrations and the story. It was one of those that’s just fun to read aloud. After I read the book, they wrote a sentence each about the beginning of the book, the middle of the book and the end of the book on little pieces of paper folded like church bulletins. I tried to keep them on-task, and I kept wondering if we were disturbing the other two segments of the class. I don’t know exactly how much first-grade teachers get paid, but it is not enough. Not nearly enough. We had fun, though.

In Jennifer Hester’s class, I read the whole class a book, the name of which I don’t recall, about an easter egg hunt. It was about sportsmanship; the protagonists’ older visiting cousin goes with them to an easter egg hunt. The little girl finds the golden egg in a tree but can’t reach it. They ask the cousin for help, but he takes the egg for himself.

Then, I took a small group aside to play a word flashcard game called Swashbuckle. The children drew cards out of a box. If they could read the word correctly and immediately, they got to keep the card. But if they drew the Swashbuckle card, they had to throw all of their cards back into the box.

Next week, schools will be out on Monday due to Presidents’ Day, so I won’t be back for two weeks. One of the kids in Ms. Aymett’s class noted my visitor name tag today and said “I thought you worked here!” Well, no. I just show up for an hour a week and play with first graders. And I’m having a great time doing it.