And nothing but the tooth

Well, I had a ringside seat for a major life event this morning. I was doing my weekly reading at Learning Way Elementary, reading to a small group of first graders from a book about Alexander Graham Bell. One of my group mentioned that his tooth was loose, but probably not loose enough to come out, and his mother would take a closer look at it that evening. Well, he kept playing with it, and sure enough it came out, right there at the table in front of me. The teacher sent him to the school nurse, and he returned with the tooth in a little blue plastic container, apparently supplied by, and bearing the name of, a local dental practice.

In my second half hour, at the other class, I read to the whole class – something I hadn’t gotten to do yet – about George Washington, which was fun.

I am enjoying this.

After work, I went to the monthly American Cancer Society Relay For Life committee meeting. We’re still thrilled about the results from the recent dance and live auction, but we aren’t resting on our laurels. We need more teams to participate in the Relay, and we’re making plans for both our upcoming celebrity waiter luncheon and the annual “Hee Haw & Howdy” benefit show. This year’s “Hee Haw” will be dedicated to the memory of Mary Jo Reynolds, a woman who did an awful lot for ACS and who was a staple of past “Hee Haw” productions, playing Nurse Goodbody.

I was surprised and touched when committee member Judi Burton, who had apparently been talking to ACS staffer Harriett Stewart, challenged the members of the committee to contribute money to something completely unrelated to ACS: my mission trip to Sierra Leone.

I love my Relay teammates.

Anyway, please consider organizing a Relay team at your church, workplace, club or school. If you’re reading this out of town, go to the Relay For Life web site to find the event and contact information for your area.

8 thoughts on “And nothing but the tooth

  1. Glad you got to experience the lost tooth! Thanks for reading to the kids!

  2. Sierra Leone? when?

  3. November. I’ll be gone during Thanksgiving.

  4. I thought you knew.

  5. no, I didn’t. Are you going with Leamis?

  6. I am jealous…

  7. Yes. It may be just me and Debra, or there may be a husband and wife (whom I have not met) along with us. They’re not promoting it as a team trip or listing it on the web site (although I’m sure you could go if you were available).

  8. I would really love to go but we have a trip planned in August (fun one) so that is all I can do for this year! Holy Land was great, however, and I highly recommend EO as the company to go with!


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