If you knew sushi

They say there is no free lunch, but today I had two.

First thing this morning, I won a Whopper combo on WLIJ-AM during their daily be-the-correct-caller-and-name-the-song giveaway. (Thanks, Brad Paisley!) I picked up my Burger King gift certificate from the radio station and ended up eating lunch relatively early.

Then, Doug Dezotell stopped by the newsroom and offered to take Sadie Fowler out to Yamato, a Japanese steak-and-sushi place. He asked if I wanted to come along, and I told him I’d already eaten. Doug left, planning to meet Sadie at the restaurant a while later. A few minutes after Doug had left the building, my cell phone rang.

“Don’t you at least have room for six pieces of sushi?” he asked.

With all due respect to the makers of Jell-O and their classic slogan, there’s always room for sushi. So Sadie, David Melson and I joined Doug at Yamato and I had six pieces of the Philadelphia roll (smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese). I usually go for the raw tuna, but I like smoked salmon and figured I’d give the Philadelphia roll a try. It was good sushi and good company, and I appreciate Doug talking me into coming along.