The spinning battery

I had noticed over the course of weeks that my cell phone battery was holding less and less of a charge. If you’ve ever priced a mobile phone battery through your carrier, or from the manufacturer, you know they can be quite expensive. But I went online and found the original OEM battery for a quarter of the cost.

At a time like this, one is reminded of how much one depends on a device like a mobile phone.  I had an external booster battery – purchased last summer because I knew I was going to be taking a lot of video during Relay For Life – and that helped some. But in the last couple of weeks, using the phone for almost any sort of app would shut it down within a few minutes, and calls would drain it almost as quickly.

The new battery arrived today, and it’s nice to have my phone back in working order.

After looking online to find out about battery problems, I’ve decided that I won’t leave the phone on the charger overnight anymore. I’ll let it drain completely and charge it up during the daytime, when I can unplug it as soon as it’s through charging.

Several of the things I read online mentioned a battery swelling. You can’t really see any swelling in my old battery, and it wasn’t bad enough to affect closing the battery door on the back of the phone. But there’s definitely a little swelling – if you place it flat-side down on a table, there’s enough of a bulge that you can spin the battery. If the battery had gotten any worse, it could have ruptured and damaged the phone.