In orbit

This is self-serving, and it violates my normal guideline of not talking too much about work in my personal web space, but it made me feel so good I just had to pass it along.

Almost a year ago, in December 2011, I covered a speech by physician and former Space Shuttle astronaut Rhea Seddon at The Webb School, a private prep school located here in Bedford County. It was a terrific talk, and I – a child of the Apollo years – am a sucker for anything space-related. Dr. Seddon was part of the first class of astronauts to include women and minorities.

Today, through the “send a comment” feature of the Times-Gazette web site, I received this:

Just came across this article – and it is THE BEST ONE I’ve ever seen about one of my talks.  Thanks!

As you might expect, it made my night.