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This is self-serving, and it violates my normal guideline of not talking too much about work in my personal web space, but it made me feel so good I just had to pass it along.

Almost a year ago, in December 2011, I covered a speech by physician and former Space Shuttle astronaut Rhea Seddon at The Webb School, a private prep school located here in Bedford County. It was a terrific talk, and I – a child of the Apollo years – am a sucker for anything space-related. Dr. Seddon was part of the first class of astronauts to include women and minorities.

Today, through the “send a comment” feature of the Times-Gazette web site, I received this:

Just came across this article – and it is THE BEST ONE I’ve ever seen about one of my talks.  Thanks!

As you might expect, it made my night.

5 thoughts on “In orbit

  1. Paging Jim Lamb, Billy Hix and Emory Stagmer ….

  2. That’s great, John! Nothing like positive feedback, she must have been very impressed to have taken the time to comment.

  3. John!!!!! Way to go!!!! She is a nice lady… I did a segment on one of the TV shows that I did a few years ago with her husband… he is a mess – really a space cowboy… and she has to be such a rock – And I am SO proud of you and that she made such a nice comment… for I am sure there have been many articles… and for her to say that about you… I will say that I am glad you posted this… never hesitate!! I am so proud to have such a good friend as you!!!!! Thanks for tagging me!

  4. Awesome John! I remember reading that piece and it was quite impressive. Congratulations on a well-deserved compliment from someone who resides in a culture where it takes alot to impress.

  5. Awesome 🙂
    It’s amazing how astronauts inspire people. Put a astro in a blue jump suit in a school and the atmosphere is ELECTRIC 🙂

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