See you around, eye of round

I was grocery shopping after work today when I saw a nice eye of round on expiration-day sale. America’s Test Kitchen had a wonderful recipe for eye of round a few years back. Unfortunately, I can’t link to it, because they only make the recipes for the current season available for free online. Fortunately, I had printed it out and filed it away back then.

The recipe involves completely salting the exterior of the roast and wrapping it up in plastic for 24 hours. It looks like a lot of salt, but it works its way through the roast and tenderizes it. Then, you sear the outside for flavor in a skillet and cook the roast very low and slow to medium-rare in the oven. It’s wonderful, and it will provide enough for me for several days. (Once I start writing on Thursday, I won’t want to waste too much time on elaborate suppers.)

But since the roast has to sit in the fridge for 24 hours, it didn’t solve the problem of what to have for dinner tonight. I ran across the Progresso lasagna kit I blogged about over the summer. Sometimes, box dinners will have suggested add-ins separate from the basic directions, so I looked at the side of the box, and it suggested replacing 1/2 cup of the water in the directions with red wine. It’s been a few months since I’ve picked up a bottle of wine, so I stopped after leaving the grocery store and got some merlot. The lasagna turned out great, and of course I had a glass of the merlot with dinner.

I didn’t have a lot to spend, so I went for the wine that was on sale: “Mad Housewife.” Let me tell you, you have to be pretty secure in your masculinity to stride up to the checkout counter with a bottle of Mad Housewife wine.

I don’t have wine often enough to have a refined palate, but I thought it was fine. Should go well with the roast beef tomorrow night as well.