Written by a kid

I enjoyed the first episode of the web series “Written By A Kid,” which featured Joss Whedon, Dave Foley and Kate Micucci, and the second episode was funny as well, albeit in a lower key. But then I lost track and forgot to come back and check for new episodes.

Tonight, a couple of news items about Whedon made me think of the series (even though Whedon’s only connection to it was appearing in the first episode). They’re now up to 10 episodes, all of them worth watching and some of them absolutely hilarious. They’re all short, and you can watch one or two at a time or all of them in a sitting.

Here’s how the show works: the creators, Will Bowles and Josh Flaum, sit down with a young child and ask the child to tell them a story. Their bemused reactions to the story, and the twists and turns that only a child could create, are often a big part of the fun. Anyway, the story is dramatized, using animation and/or live action. The animation is really fun and inventive, and each story is done in a quite different style. The dramatized story is intercut with Bowles and Flaum coaxing the story out of the young author.

You can watch all the videos here.

This is one of my favorites: