A daily dose

It’s been a while since I blogged about the Daily Audio Bible, and I like to mention it every now and then because it’s such a great resource.

There are various audio Bible products, usually read by people with deep, dramatic voices. There are also various Bible-in-a-year reading plans, such as the one promoted by Discipleship Journal. DAB is a little bit of these and more. It’s a daily Bible podcast, read in warm, casual tones – less like a performance, more like a conversation – by Brian Hardin. Each day, Brian reads an Old Testament passage, a New Testament passage, a passage from Psalms and a passage from Proverbs. All four categories start at the beginning on January 1 and proceed in order through the year, so that by Dec. 31 you’ve covered the entire Bible.

Brian will usually make very brief remarks about one of the passages after the reading, and then will offer a prayer. He talks a little bit about speaking engagements, conferences or other activities related to DAB, and then the podcast closes by playing various prayer request voicemails submitted to the DAB prayer line. Each day’s podcast is recorded fresh, and Brian – who, as it turns out, is based in Spring Hill, here in Middle Tennessee – sometimes comments on the weather, as if to remind you of this. On the rare occasions when Brian is ill or otherwise unavailable, his wife Jill reads for him. (They also have a tradition of reading Song of Solomon, aka Song of Songs, to each other when that turns up each year.)

Brian switches Bible versions each week; there are some in the rotation I like better than others. A year ago, an official DAB read-along New International Version Bible was published with each day’s reading laid out for you. (It isn’t that different from other Bible-in-a-year volumes already on the market.) Brian took a vote of the listeners about whether to keep rotating among versions or to use the NIV exclusively, so that people who owned the official DAB Bible could read along. I voted for the NIV, but I was in the minority, and so the rotating versions continued this year.

Brian has also written “Passages: How Reading the Bible in a Year Will Change Everything for You,” a book about the importance of immersing yourself in the Bible.

The DAB web site has various forums for those who want to interact, discuss the day’s Bible passage, or what have you. There are also DAB podcasts in a variety of foreign languages, as well as children’s Bible podcast and a Proverbs-only podcast.

If you’re not already familiar with podcasts, there are numerous ways to listen. You can listen directly from the DAB web site. You can get a DAB app for your phone or tablet. Or, you can subscribe using some sort of podcast or RSS feed manager (iTunes, Juice, Zune, Google Reader, SlapDash, Stitcher, etc.) and have each day’s episode downloaded or bookmarked for easy access.

If you’re looking for a way to get more serious about the Bible, I would highly recommend the DAB. Immersing yourself in the Bible is not always an easy thing, but it forces you to think about what you believe and why.