Like revenge, a dish best served cold

I made “oatmeal in a jar” for breakfast this morning, even though, to be completely accurate, I used a little plastic container instead of a jar.
Oatmeal is really good for you, and for your cholesterol, but you’ve either got to cook it, which takes time, or use those instant packets, which aren’t always the best. I’d been seeing variations of the “oatmeal in a jar” recipe online for a while now and finally decided to try one. Basically, you combine old-fashioned oats (normally, the longest-cooking kind) with milk, yogurt and whatever add-ins you want the night before and let the mixture chill and rehydrate in the fridge overnight. Some recipes call for chia seeds, which are apparently available in health food stores, as an add-in. I skipped that.
In the morning, you have a mushy but pleasant cold cereal which you can stuff in a briefcase or bag and carry to work. Since you’ve used milk and yogurt instead of the water which you would have used on the stovetop, there’s added nutrition. Plus, I tend to put butter on hot oatmeal, and obviously there’s no temptation to do that with the cold stuff.
The trick, I think, is using this as a platform for tastier additions, like fruit. I used canned blueberries as my add-in, along with a little added sugar, but I didn’t add them until this morning, right before I headed out the door. Had they been fresh blueberries, I could have just added them last night and let them sit with the rest of the ingredients.
Type “oatmeal in a jar” or “oats in a jar” into your favorite search engine and you should come up with tons of recipes.