Trust him … he’s the inspector

OK. If you’re not familiar with either “Doctor Who” or “Community,” this requires a bit of explanation.

On the NBC sitcom “Community,” there’s an occasional plot point where two of the characters are fans of an imported British TV show called “Inspector Spacetime.” “Inspector Spacetime” is obviously the “Community” writers’ parody of “Doctor Who,” the long-running BBC adventure, mentioned often in this space, about an alien who travels through time and space accompanied by one or more traveling companions, usually Earthlings. What little we’ve seen and heard about “Inspector Spacetime” is affectionate tribute.

Well, Travis Richey, the actor who played “Inspector Spacetime” in the little snippets we saw of the show-within-a-show, decided it would be fun to make a few actual episodes of “Inspector Spacetime” for the web. But he couldn’t get the blessing of Sony Pictures Television or NBC, which produce and air what’s left of “Community,” so he can’t actually call it “Inspector Spacetime.” Hence, this is “Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time,” an unlicensed, unofficial expansion of a parody of a long-running TV show. Got it? Good.