Serious shopping for frivolous stuff

I ordered my model rocket starter kit site-to-store from; they ship the package to the Walmart store of your choice, and the shipping is free.

Tomorrow is the earliest date in the estimated “scheduled to arrive by” range when I placed the order. The Walmart site last showed the package leaving South Carolina at 6 a.m. today. It may be in Shelbyville tomorrow, but I suspect not; I don’t know where the next stop is or how long it will take.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, the kit doesn’t come with engines or recovery wadding. Walmart doesn’t offer those online, so I was planning to pick them up during a previously-scheduled trip to Murfreesboro tomorrow. I had looked at the Estes web site to find a dealer nearby, and the only thing I found under “hobby shops” was a Hobbytown USA franchise in Murfreesboro which I’d visited once when my father took my nephew there to look at model trains, their shared passion. I knew that this shop would probably charge the full manufacturer-suggested price, which is why I didn’t buy my initial starter kit there. (Both Amazon and Walmart offered the starter kit for about half MSRP.)

Today, I ran across something that suggested that Hobby Lobby carried model rocket engines. I went back to the Estes web site, and the reason I hadn’t seen Hobby Lobby there earlier was that it was listed in a completely different place, not as a “hobby shop” but as a “mass merchant.” And, if the store pricing matches their web site pricing, they’ll be cheaper than Hobbytown USA. Plus, to top it off, I got a really nice discount coupon just by signing up for Hobby Lobby’s e-mail list.

So I’m still making a side trip while in Murfreesboro tomorrow – just to a different place. And if I enjoy my second-childhood foray into model rocketry, I now have a place to go for more rockets, engines and what not.