We treat you right

I have, on a few rare occasions, gotten such miserable fast food service, or such a string of bad visits at the same location, that I have complained on a restaurant’s web site. The good chains will take this kind of feedback, and will often send you coupons or even have the local store manager call you.

Tonight, I went to the Dairy Queen website, not to complain, but to compliment.

I was sitting at home, having had a modest supper tonight, hunkering for something sweet and cold. I wanted ice cream, and I didn’t have any at home. So I got in the car and drove to DQ. I brought my Kindle with me and decided I go in and eat it there.

When I pulled up, there was a long line at the drive-through. I went inside, and the staff behind the counter was quite busy with drive-through orders. In front of the counter, a young man with a clipboard was helping a woman and her son order an ice cream cake. It turned out that he was the only one working the front counter. I stood at the counter for a minute or so – nothing excessive at all – and as soon as the young man finished taking the cake order, he zipped around to take my order. He was professional and apologetic, and – without me saying a word – gave me 10 percent off to make up for what really wasn’t much of a wait.

Since our DQ was gutted, remodeled and reopened as a “DQ Grill & Chill,” they bring your order to your table. I sat down and waited for my banana split. When the gentleman brought it out to me, he apologized again for the wait, and asked if I wanted a cup of water. I love ice cream, but I hate that icky-sweet taste in your mouth after you’ve finished, so a cup of ice water sounded just fine. He went back and was out with my water in a flash.

Fast food places often can’t afford to pay very well, and I know we’ve all had the experience of being waited on by a surly teenager or twenty-something who doesn’t really want to be there. So when you get really good service at a fast food place, it really stands out, as it did tonight.

And it goes without saying that the banana split was terrific. Strawberry, banana and pineapple – that does count as a serving of fruit, right?