Don’t act

In between films, Turner Classic Movies shows various types of interstitial content – old short subjects, trailers, and what have you. One of my favorite things is a feature where a modern-day actor shares remembrances of a classic movie actor who inspired them, and, in some cases, whom they had the chance to meet or work with.

Because of the annual “Summer Under The Stars” festival, a lot of those little features are being shown this month, to promote the day in August devoted to one star or another.

Here’s a fun little convergence. Burt Reynolds got to meet Spencer Tracy on the Warner Brothers lot about 1959 or 1960, when Reynolds was appearing in a TV show called “Riverboat” and Tracy was shooting “Inherit The Wind.” Reynolds recalls Tracy telling him “Don’t act – just behave.”

Meanwhile, in a separate feature, Anthony Hopkins remembers Katharine Hepburn, whom he met when they both appeared in “The Lion In Winter.” Hopkins recalls Hepburn telling him “Don’t act – just say the lines.”

Gee, this Hepburn lady and this Tracy fellow seem to have had similar theories on acting. I wonder if they ever met and discussed them?