Julius postponed

Earlier this year, when our local Dairy Queen was gutted and remodeled into a DQ “Grill & Chill,” I had wondered whether it would feature Orange Julius. I knew that Orange Julius was now owned by DQ and that it was being included in many of the new or remodeled DQ locations. But it wasn’t there when our local DQ reopened in the spring.

Then, a week or two ago, they put something on the marquee about now serving Orange Julius. I had an interview appointment this afternoon that took me close to DQ, so I stopped on the way back, intending to get an Orange Julius.

They have added both the traditional Orange Julius as well as the smoothies that are now served at Orange Julius locations. I wanted to order a “strawberry julius” — a traditional Orange Julius but with strawberries instead of orange juice. Either I was reading the menu board incorrectly, or the drive-through attendant misunderstood me, because she took my order as a strawberry smoothie. I let it slide, and in fact the smoothie is quite good. But I will have to go back and get an Orange Julius at some point.

If you’re not familiar, the original Orange Julius is a sort of frothy, creamy orange drink — not quite as icy as a slush, not as thick as a smoothie. The Wikipedia entry linked to above lists the ingredients as orange juice, milk, sugar, ice and vanilla flavoring. I associate it with shopping malls; when I was a child, that was where you’d find them, either as part of a food court or just as another location in the mall. They eventually had several different fruit flavors, and expanded into smoothies, though “Orange Julius” remained the name of the business.