A question for other Kindle owners

This relates specifically to e-ink Kindle readers, not to the Kindle Fire tablet.

I put my Kindle on the charger tonight, and ever since I took it off, the Special Offers aren’t showing up. The Kindle is connected to Wi-Fi just fine – I’ve downloaded information to it, and uploaded information from it, and it’s showing that it’s connected to Wi-Fi with good signal strength. However, the places where the special offers would normally show up have an error message that says “Please connect wirelessly to receive special offers.”

I know what you’re saying – leave well enough alone. People pay good money to have the special offers turned off. But I occasionally like the special offers, especially when, every now and then, they offer Amazon gift cards at a discount price (like a $10 gift card for $5). Plus, I don’t want Amazon to think that I’ve hacked or rooted my Kindle.

Has anyone else ever had the special offers disappear like this?

UPDATE: After looking in one of the support forums, I tried a reboot (holding the power button for a full 30 seconds) and that seems to have done the trick.