Technology marches on

I got home from work this afternoon to the unhappy realization that the mouse on my computer had stopped working. I unplugged it and re-plugged it, but to no avail – and the red LED was not lit up on the bottom of the mouse. It was obviously the mouse and not my computer.

I got back in my car and drove back into town, stopped at a super-cheap discount store (Roses), and hoped I could get away with a mouse for less than, say, $12 or so.

As it turned out, the optical mice were $7.50, and the mechanical mice (I didn’t realize they still made them) were $5. I happily paid $7.50 for an optical mouse, and I’m computing once again.

It’s amazing how computer technology, seemingly governed by Moore’s Law, marches on, not only for computers themselves but even for seemingly-insignificant peripherals. I remember when an optical mouse was a luxury, for which you’d easily pay $30 or $40.

By the way, a $2.50 premium for an optical mouse is a tiny price to pay for avoiding the trouble of having to clean off those little roller wheels every few weeks. My only complaint was that the mechanical mice were basic black, which I preferred, while the optical mice had a two-tone, black-and-silver design which the manufacturer obviously likes but which I think looks kind of cheesy. No matter, as long as it works.