What next?

I took a vacation day today – I have to burn them off occasionally, because I’ve been at my current employer 27 years and if I don’t take them, I accumulate more than I can carry over from year to year.

It was nice to have a relatively-uneventful three-day weekend.

As you may have noticed (I post all my sermons here), I preached yesterday at Ransom UMC. It was, in retrospect, sort of a landmark.

The first seven months of the year have been busy in terms of extracurricular stuff. We had a number of Relay For Life events, going up to the Crawfish Boil at the beginning of May and the Relay itself at the beginning of June. There was the Nashville Symphony concert in mid-May, and my Mountain T.O.P. Adults In Ministry week in June. I wanted to do two AIM weeks this year, like I did in 2011 and for a number of years in the late 1990s, but I couldn’t swing it.

Anyway, by the time of my first AIM week I was in the middle of an unusually-busy period for lay speaking – six Sundays out of eight, and I could have filled up all eight had it not been for the Mountain T.O.P. week and for wanting to visit my father at his new church.

Now, here I sit – no lay speaking scheduled, no sermon to write. I’m looking forward to another busy year with Relay, and I am more determined than ever that I’m going to take some people with me to AIM next summer. I fantasize about pulling up into camp, in the lead vehicle of a caravan, and leading my merry throng onto the back porch of Friends Cabin for registration.

But there’s nothing practical to do for either of those things right now, nor for the symphony concert. So I have things to look forward to next year, but nothing to do right now or look forward to in a practical sense. I’m going to do another foreign trip at some point, but even LEAMIS doesn’t have a team trip on its web page right now. I need  a project – I need to be working on a novel, or compiling old sermons into a book, or doing that podcast I’ve been talking about forever.

Actually, what I really need to be doing is cleaning up this pigsty apartment, but we all know that ain’t going to happen.