Politics and Facebook

I originally intended this opinion column to be funnier, but it turned out to be more passionate, with (as my editor put it) “a splash of humor.”

4 thoughts on “Politics and Facebook

  1. “But our problems aren’t that cut-and-dried. I can think of issues where I think we need to move to the left, and other issues where I think we need to move to the right, and still other issues where I don’t think either end of the spectrum has come up with any solutions.”

    I like this passage quite a bit. I have believed for a long time that one of the fundamental problems we face in American politics is the idea that all of our problems have solutions at one end of the spectrum or the other. Not that either the right or the left has answers to all our problems, but that all problems have solutions that can be found in the extreme ends of the spectrum. I continue to learn, day in and day out, that the vast majority of problems – situations really, not just problems – are actually extremely complex and can’t be fit with a simple conservative or liberal solution.

    Bipartisan, and really just man to man, citizen to citizen, cooperation and understanding is something that is so lacking in our society that we face problems built on making sure that one doesn’t get screwed, rather than making sure we all get bettered even when it means personal sacrifice for the greater good.

  2. You struck the right balance and the tone fit. Excellent column.

  3. Thanks, and thanks for sharing the link.

  4. Well said!

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