The roaring 2012s

I had heard that there was going to be a new film adaptation of “The Great Gatsby,” but hadn’t heard anything about it. I was surfing movie trailers tonight on Flixster’s Roku channel and came across this trailer. I was startled by the anachronistic music and wondered if it was just in the trailer or in the actual film itself – until I saw Baz Luhrmann’s name as director. Luhrmann used anachronistic music to great effect in “Moulin Rouge,” so I guess he’s doing the same thing here.

Anyway, I wonder what F. Scott Fitzgerald would think of this. Heck, I wonder what Redford thinks of it:

2 thoughts on “The roaring 2012s

  1. Another one??!!! Aren’t two enough?

  2. Our Advanced Speech teacher always speaks at the Senior Commemorative Ceremony (what’s left after they removed religion from Baccalaureate), giving pretty much the same speech every year, and she always tells them, “By the way, there’s no theme to The Great Gatsby.”

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