Not a great day

“The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” taped its Friday episode on Thursday. The opening monologue, apparently, had to do with Batman – not surprisingly, given the hype surrounding the new movie which opened today.

Then, overnight, current events intervened.

Craig Ferguson might bristle at the use of the term “classy” to describe him – after all, much of the comic banter on his show, especially between Ferguson and his robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Peterson, is gleefully, slyly, playfully ribald. But when it counts, Craig Ferguson has class.

Ferguson just opened tonight’s show with a prologue, recorded today, in which he acknowledged what  happened last night in Colorado. He said he didn’t want to air the Batman monologue – which would have begun, as do all his monologues, with the phrase “It’s a great day for America, everybody” – but didn’t want to cancel the show entirely and replace it with a rerun, out of fairness to his guests, and because it’s sometimes in the midst of tragedy that we need the most to laugh. He also said he didn’t want to shoot from the cuff in commenting on the tragedy, except to say that his thoughts were with the people of Aurora.

Fade to black, cut to a commercial break, and then when we came back we picked up with the show as recorded last night – after the monologue. Craig and Geoff are now giggling over the viewer tweets and e-mails.

It was about as good a way as one could expect of handling a difficult situation.