A little good news for DirecTV users

Attention DirecTV customers: TCM is now available in HD for those of us with HD service, but if you have it in QuickTune (or, as I call it “TV speed dial”) or your favorites list, you may have to remove it and put it back in in order to get the HD version.

The bad news is that, if the Wikipedia entry is still current, it’s not native HD but more of an upconvert of the standard definition signal – better-looking than it would be otherwise, but not true HD programming. Do any of you cable folks who have already had the channel in HD care to comment or have newer information?

To see if you are watching the channel in HD or not, tune to TCM (Channel 256). Hit the “info” button and see if the channel is listed as “TCM” or “TCMHD.” If it’s the former, go edit your favorite channel list, taking TCM out and putting it back in. Change TCM’s position on your speed dial to something else and then change it back. I just found out about this from a tech forum at the DirecTV web site. I had originally thought – based on an earlier tech forum post about TCM’s absence from the web site channel guide — that they were turning it on tomorrow, but they seem to have done so today.

Sadly, I didn’t figure this out until right after “Forbidden Planet,” which would have been nice to see in HD.