One down

Summer Plus, Day One, is in the books, and I think it went well. Creative writing workshop was larger, and more participatory, than last year. When I talked about writing a group story, a couple of the teens even said that they wanted to write their own stories — which thrilled me to death. We postponed a final decision on that until tomorrow, though. We may have the teens who want to work on a group story, but let those who want to write individually or in teams do so as well.


Creative writing students interview each other at the beginning of the session so that we can introduce ourselves to one another.

The AIM staff this year is outstanding — Amelia is our camp director and Rebecca is our Summer Plus manager, and both of them are doing a terrific job, as are all of the staff members. It’s a good community and a great experience so far.

I’m rooming with Andy Burroughs, who was on the AIM staff in the mid-90s during one of the early years of my involvement with Mountain T.O.P.

The only real glitch, and it wasn’t much of one, had to do with my arrival yesterday. As I had indicated on Facebook, I decided to take a different route up the mountain — eating brunch in Manchester and then taking a route through Hillsboro and the outskirts of Viola. I got away from the house way too early — I was packed, I was bored, I was ready to hit the road.

Anyway, I was almost up onto the mountain on 108 when I came upon a severe accident. The road was closed for an hour, and there was no way to turn around or back up on the twisty mountain road. I shut off my engine and waited in my hot car. But I had left so early that I ended up arriving in camp at about the time they had asked us to.

It should be a good week.