Attack of the pulpit masters

The post title, which doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, comes from a Swirling Eddies song about televangelists.

After seven months without lay speaking anywhere, I’m suddenly quite busy. Last Sunday, and again tomorrow, I’ll be speaking at both Mt. Lebanon UMC and Cannon UMC. They’re a two-point charge pastored by my friend and former co-worker Doug Dezotell, who’s been in Arizona leading a mission team to work with NAOMI House, a ministry with which Doug has long been affiliated.

After speaking tomorrow, I have to start writing a sermon for my next assignment, even though it’s two Sundays away. The reason I have to write the sermon next week is because the week after that, I’ll be at Mountain T.O.P. Adults In Ministry, about which I’ve pestered you unsuccessfully for months.

July 1, the day after I get back from Mountain T.O.P., I’ll be delivering that pre-written sermon at Shiloh UMC, filling in for my former pastor Jon Bell.

And then, the week after that, I start something new. I’ll be filling in at Concord UMC up in Rutherford County, near Rockvale. As a result of a conversation I had earlier this week with the Rev. Nan Zoller, I’m going to be filling in for her on an occasional basis for a while – I’m not sure yet how often.

Let me know if you need service times or other information, and as usual I’ll post the sermons here after I preach them.