The Catholic church about a half a mile up the street, St. William, is doing something new this week; they’ve brought in a midway operator to run a little carnival as a fund-raiser for their building fund.

I’ve been really lax about walking lately, and when I tried on Monday I got caught in some sprinkles and had to cut my walk short. So I decided that tonight I would walk up to the carnival, take along my point-and-shoot camera and get a few shots for the newspaper, killing two birds with one stone.

The carnival was supposed to start at 5 tonight, but when I got there about 5:15 there was little activity. It turns out one of the carnival operator’s key trucks broke down and didn’t arrive in time to get everything fully set up tonight. So they’re going to start tomorrow night. Even so, it was a nice walk, which was my primary purpose anyway. I may stop by on my way to my (Methodist) church council meeting tomorrow night, but I’ll be driving.