My crowning achievement

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sensitive on the upper right side of my teeth — not a sharp, you-have-a-cavity pain, but a weird sensitivity where things I bit down on felt harder than they really were. I had a little fun-size Baby Ruth this morning, for example, and a peanut felt like a little piece of gravel.
I go to church with Jay, my dentist, and I mentioned it to him at an ice cream social on Sunday. He told me to stop by and get it looked at, but it’s been such a crazy week I hadn’t had the chance to do so.
Then, today, I was eating a Subway turkey bacon sandwich with their limited-time-only ingredient, avocado. (They charge you $1.50 for what seems like about a teaspoon on a footlong sandwich, spread across the bread to the thickness of individual avocado molecules.)
All of a sudden, I felt something hard in the sandwich.
It was a piece of a tooth. Apparently, the tooth was cracked, and that’s what I was feeling when I bit things.
I called the dentist’s office. They said they’d take a look at it at 2:45 but probably couldn’t actually do much today. But then, at 2, they called and said they’d had a cancellation, and I should come right away. The dental office is walking distance from the paper, and so I walked on over.
Sure enough, I needed a crown on the tooth, to add to my collection. Because of the cancellation, they could go ahead and take care of the prep work today. Jay and his staff always take good care of me, and I got to watch some of “Midway” on AMC as I sat in the chair. (My TV is still on the fritz.) But it’s never fun to be drilled and ground.
The crown should arrive a few days before I leave for Mountain T.O.P. In the meantime, of course, the stump is protected by a temporary crown. I’m glad I won’t have to be away from home with the temp.