A message to Facebook users:

Whether or not you are willing to pass along a Facebook message says nothing about your piety, your patriotism, your concern for veterans, or animals, or the less fortunate.
Trying to shame others into passing along a Facebook post is a heavy-handed and counterproductive way to spread any such message.
To whatever extent you love God, it will be reflected in your life.
To whatever extent you love your country, it will be reflected in your citizenship.
To whatever extent you care about others, you will serve them, in ways more costly than changing your status update.
A Facebook status update containing the phrase “98 percent won’t have the guts to repost this” is just a cheap way of feeling good about yourself. With one or two clicks, you can consider yourself part of the holiest 2 percent of Facebook users (or the most patriotic, or what have you).
There’s nothing wrong with sharing your faith or your beliefs about any issue via Facebook. But — just as writing a personal letter to your Congressman is more effective than signing a petition — expressing your beliefs in your own words is always better than passing along some canned image or some scolding, self-righteous text.