A good dill for everyone

The other day on Pinterest, I re-pinned a recipe for oven-“fried” dill pickles with a homemade ranch dressing in which to dip them. I also printed out a couple copies of the recipe for co-workers I thought might enjoy it.

One of those co-workers, Carol Spray, got around to making the stuff before I did – and she came to work this morning talking about how good it was, both the pickles and the homemade dressing.

Well, I didn’t want to be left out, so I made it tonight:


Good stuff. The dressing is wonderful, and what you see in this photo is just a small portion that I poured out to use for dipping. There’s plenty left over to enjoy on salad. It tastes better a few hours after you make it.

Be sure and use the Panko bread crumbs—they have a different consistency than regular bread crumbs and work well for this kind of use. You can usually find them next to the regular breadcrumbs, but if not, check the Asian foods aisle (the ones I found are made by Kikkoman, the soy sauce people). Also, don’t skip the fresh cilantro, even if you don’t like the flavor of cilantro on its own. A lot of people don’t, but when you combine it with other ingredients, as in this recipe, it adds something wonderful.

Go get the recipe.