Here’s Killing You, Kid!

Several of the people with whom I worked on “Cash On Delivery” earlier this year – Wes Campbell, Dianne Clanton, Times-Gazette pressman Martin Jones and Sharon Kay Edwards, whom I motorboated every night as part of the story – are part of a dinner theater production, “Here’s Killing You, Kid!”, which will open Friday at the Duck River Restaurant in Shelbyville. It’s the first production of a new theater group, the South of Broadway Players, about which I’m very excited. I didn’t try out for this play, but I definitely plan to be a part of some of their future productions.

Anyway, I covered the dress rehearsal tonight so that I can write a first-person column about it for the newspaper. It’s a fun show – broad and silly, in a good way, and ideal for the dinner theater setting. It’s a murder mystery, centered around the mysterious “Majorcan Monkey” (think Maltese Falcon). And Sharon, an incredible vocalist, gets to sing. (She also has a concert coming up this month.)

Wes is directing and playing a part, just as he did for “Cash On Delivery.” He’s great to work with.

I love live theater, and I’m delighted that the South of Broadway Players are bringing a second option for community theater to town. The SOBs (and, yes, the group is playfully celebrating that moniker) hope to be a democratic, member-driven organization, giving a platform to people who have a specific project they’d like to direct. They’ve got a good relationship with the Duck River Restaurant but would also like to do traditionally-staged plays as well.

Anyway, if you’re in the area and looking for a nice evening out over the next few weekends, call Duck River Restaurant and make a reservation. I think you’ll enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Here’s Killing You, Kid!

  1. Thanks, John!  We would greatly look forward to you joining us in a future production!  You got to see the show…but you missed 50% of the experience by not getting to taste the meal that the Duck River Restuarant is preparing to go along with it!  Ha!  Thanks for coming to see us tonight… and I look forward to getting to work with you again…although I cannot promise that yo uget to motorboat anyone.  That may have been a once in a lifetime event (well, with all the practices, it was probably a 50 times in a lifetime event).

  2. John, The South Of Broadway players now have thier first live production “in the books” and it was a really great experience for all of us. Players and audience. And what a great audience they were! They laughed at us on several occasions and hey!, that’s what it was all about!! 
    We had a nearly sold out house, and we owe you a great debt of grattitude for helping us so much with your insightful reviews in The Times Gazzette and here on line.
    Thank you so much for informing the theatre community of Shelbyville and the world wide web that we are staging this production of “Here’s Killin’ You Kid” At the Duck River Restaurant. I personally look forward to working with you again (on stage) hopefully soon. Thanks again John.
    Martin Jones (aka Charlie the bartender)

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