Here’s Killing You, Kid!

Several of the people with whom I worked on “Cash On Delivery” earlier this year – Wes Campbell, Dianne Clanton, Times-Gazette pressman Martin Jones and Sharon Kay Edwards, whom I motorboated every night as part of the story – are part of a dinner theater production, “Here’s Killing You, Kid!”, which will open Friday at the Duck River Restaurant in Shelbyville. It’s the first production of a new theater group, the South of Broadway Players, about which I’m very excited. I didn’t try out for this play, but I definitely plan to be a part of some of their future productions.

Anyway, I covered the dress rehearsal tonight so that I can write a first-person column about it for the newspaper. It’s a fun show – broad and silly, in a good way, and ideal for the dinner theater setting. It’s a murder mystery, centered around the mysterious “Majorcan Monkey” (think Maltese Falcon). And Sharon, an incredible vocalist, gets to sing. (She also has a concert coming up this month.)

Wes is directing and playing a part, just as he did for “Cash On Delivery.” He’s great to work with.

I love live theater, and I’m delighted that the South of Broadway Players are bringing a second option for community theater to town. The SOBs (and, yes, the group is playfully celebrating that moniker) hope to be a democratic, member-driven organization, giving a platform to people who have a specific project they’d like to direct. They’ve got a good relationship with the Duck River Restaurant but would also like to do traditionally-staged plays as well.

Anyway, if you’re in the area and looking for a nice evening out over the next few weekends, call Duck River Restaurant and make a reservation. I think you’ll enjoy it.