Vive lapel difference

At the end of the lay speaking class on Sunday, we received certificates and lay speaker pins. The certificates had been mistakenly dated “2010,” instead of “2011,” but the consensus of the group was not to get them reprinted. I did cross out “2010” and write in “2011,” if only to remind myself what year I took the class so that, a few years from now, I’ll know whether or not I am on the clock to take an advanced class in order to remain certified.


In the past, I’d always received a lapel pin like the one at top left – a depiction of the official logo for United Methodist Lay Speaking Ministries. This time around, however, they gave us the smaller and more-minimalist version seen in the foreground. I don’t think this is a case of “old” and “new” designs – I’m guessing both are available at Cokesbury, and have been all along – but simply a case of our new district lay speaking director making a different choice about which kind of pin to buy. Anyway, I like having both kinds of pin. The minimalist version actually looks more like the lapel pins worn by some members of the clergy.

2 thoughts on “Vive lapel difference

  1. why would similarity to some clergy pins be a “plus”?  I would think that your distinctive role would be important after the special training, so I’m just asking.

  2. Really, all I did was note the similarity. I didn’t necessarily call it a plus; I just pointed it out, and said I liked having the choice between the two pins.

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